There are probably as many resources for the home flock owner as there are chicken breeds.  Your local Extension office can often provide you with a list of resources for the raising, keeping and safe processing of poultry. Here are some that I found useful as a new backyard flock owner. Additional resources will be added as they are located and researched.


There are many excellent books about home and small scale commercial flocks.  Two that are indispensable for people just starting out raising and tending poultry are:

Storey’s Guide to Raising Poultry, by Leonard  S. Mercia, Storey Books, Pownal VT

Chickens in Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide by Rick & Gail Luttmann, Rodale Press, Emmaus, PA

For simply enjoying the remarkable variety, beauty and sometimes outsized silliness of chickens, check out the following photographic coffee table books:

Extraordinary Chickens and Extra Extraordinary Chickens, by Stephen Green-Armytage,  Harry N. Abrams

Websites For all things backyard chicken, you would be hard pressed to  find a more comprehensive resource. people interested in heritage poultry, including large chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, this is the site for you.

UAF Extension

The UAF Extension has several publications for the small poultry farmer/backyard flock owner. Publications can be downloaded for free from their website; DVDs may be purchased for $5.00 each  by contacting Extension.


Winter Chickens: The Down and Dirty of Keeping a Laying Flock Through an Alaskan Winter(LPM-00339); Mara Bacsujlaky

The Peep Show: Raising Chickens for a Backyard Flock; Mara Bacsujlaky (available spring, 2013)


Home Laying Flock (LPM-00343); Milan Shipka

Safe Egg Handling for Small Egg Laying Flocks and Operations (LPM-00344); Stephen Brown

Selecting, Brooding and Rearing Small Numbers of Chicks (LPM-00840); Milan Shipka

Broiler Production (LPM-00341); Milan Shipka

Domestic Waterfowl and Gamebirds in Alaska (LPM-00348); Derylee Hecimovich

How to Grow Your Own Holiday Turkey (LPM-00441); Milan Shipka

Poultry Equipment Plans (FSG-00540); Milan Shipka: $4.00 (may be ordered by clicking link above).


4 Responses to Resources

  1. Shannon says:

    I am looking for some Banty egg layer chickens less than a year old. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you,


  2. Barbara Bachmeier says:

    I have to go to Portland for VA appointments there. Is there anybody who can care for my three-month old chickens while I am away (about 2.5 weeks)? I’d be happy to bring them over to your place, provide food, and let them hang out with your chickens while I am away. Barbara 907 231-0321

  3. peterthooper says:

    I am looking for a far north henhouse design… I’ve heard of a publication FSG-00540, Poultry Equipment Plans, but I can’t find it on the AK Cooperative Extension site.

    • My recollection is that was a somewhat longer pub that might not have been converted to a pdf, and/or was available for a small fee. The best place to go to find out if it is still available is to contact Communications at the Cooperative Extension Service – the number can be found at

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