Welcome to Alaska Backyard Chickens –  a resource for Alaskans and others living in northern climates who are interested in having chickens – either for egg-laying or for meat. Maintained by Mara Bacsujlaky, a 4-H agent at   the Cooperative Extension Service/University of Alaska Fairbanks, this is a site for people with small backyard flocks.  While we are inclusive and small egg/meat producers are welcome to participate, we are mostly a site for   hobbyist flock owners: those who keep chickens to fulfill their household needs for eggs and meat.  And of course – for people who just think chickens are neat!

Really-  this is enough snow

Although our focus is  on Alaskan backyard flocks , this site is a public forum for people to share information about their flocks and experiences, especially in northern climates with long, harsh winters.  Contributions from others are welcome, and encouraged.  As might have been noticed over the years this blog has been active, other Extension work sometimes keeps me from posting or keeping the site as fresh as it should be.  Simply email me your contribution and/or photos that you would like to see on the blog – and I will post them.  

Original plans had been to feature local chicken coops, share what works (and doesn’t) in arctic coop design, post updated information about upcoming events, and provide a forum for trading information on raising and keeping birds in sub-arctic and arctic conditions.  If you have a chicken coop you are proud of – or a flock that you think is especially photogenic – send photos – just let me know if you want attribution.  Welcome!

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