Tis the season for receiving…

…chicken-themed presents.  How many amongst us hobbyist flock-keepers have received such gifts  for birthdays, holidays or just because? I think it is safe to say that nearly all of us have – from friends or family who just couldn’t resist that cute little ___________ (fill in the blank with your poultry gift of choice).

Personally, I love all of the chicken gifts I have received since I started keeping layers over a decade ago.  Chickens have sprung out of gift boxes and wrapping paper adorning  all sorts of items – both practical and whimsical.  There are the  the pot holders and kitchen towels covered in chickens, the white and black hen salt and pepper shakers, the mug with the chicken on it, and the chicken what-not that simply sits on the shelf.  I have chicken wall hangings, numerous stuffed chickens along with one lone stuffed duck, hand-crocheted chicken doilies, and a chicken that lays jelly-bean eggs.

There is the rooster stained-glass rondel, hand-drawn chickens, chicken fridge magnets,   several  chicken tree ornaments,  and – my favorite – a  clock in the shape of a flying chicken.

In recent years, keeping chickens has increased in popularity – as has, it seems, chickens as a decorative motif, and thus as sources of poultry-related gifting.  Or perhaps the sighting and gifting of chicken tchotchkes is the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon   in action: friends and  family  are a titch more preternaturally  aware of chickens because someone they are close to  keeps chickens.  That is why, even though chicken-laden objects  are plentiful in my house and office, I enjoy and cherish every odd one of them:  they are mementos and reminders of the  times  my friends and family thought of  me as they picked out that chicken timer/mug/potholder/pillow/rug/tea kettle/basket.




About Mara Bacsujlaky

As a 4-H agent with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service, I offer workshops and information about raising and keeping small backyard flocks in Alaska. These services are designed for the hobbyist that keeps primarily laying chickens for home use of eggs and, secondarily, meat.
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