Welcome to the Chicken Wire

I’ve added a new tab:  the Chicken Wire.  It contains a link which takes you  to a private Wiki that I have set up for  questions, discussions and information. Anyone who joins can edit, post, and upload files and photos.

I started this because there is a lot of good information and a lot of experienced backyard flock owners in Alaska and elsewhere, and, as I have found, I don’t have the time to post as much as I would like to.  I get a lot of questions from people about chickens, and often, the answers I give them come from other people that have  more experience or are cleverer in solving problems with backyard flocks than me.  So, to share the wealth, the Chicken Wire was hatched.

Because it is private, it does require signing up and creating a username and password (and then of course, remembering same).  However, the benefits to having a private wiki are obvious; it will save us all from having to wade through countless postings about viagra, and that certain individual in a far away country that needs just a couple hundred dollars to make it back home.

Hope you will join the collaborative chicken chat – and despite the cute alliteration, it’s a forum that is open to all things poultry.

About Mara Bacsujlaky

As a 4-H agent with the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service, I offer workshops and information about raising and keeping small backyard flocks in Alaska. These services are designed for the hobbyist that keeps primarily laying chickens for home use of eggs and, secondarily, meat.
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